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For Ft. Lauderdale homeowners, needing plumbing drain cleaning service can be a minor inconvenience or a major financial event. At Paradise Plumbing & Air Conditioning we have been serving the Ft. Lauderdale area as a leading plumbing and air conditioning repair service for over 25 years and we’ve helped thousands of Ft. Lauderdale residents deal…(Read More)

If your Ft. Lauderdale home needs plumbing repairs you have options. There are many common plumbing problems that homeowners can at least attempt to fix before having to call in a professional. However, keep in mind that the secret to successful DIY plumbing repairs is knowing when the problem is beyond your skill set and…(Read More)

If you come home and find a sewage backup in your Ft. Lauderdale home you are going to want help cleaning it up and you are going to want it fast. If you have the phone number for Paradise Plumbing & Air Conditioning you can get help quickly 24/7. We clean and repair sewage backups…(Read More)

One of the most common customer statements I hear as a Fort Lauderdale plumber is “it just happened all of a sudden” referring to their plumbing emergency. Sometimes that’s true but more often than not plumbing problems will announce themselves well in advance if you know what to look for. Detecting plumbing problems early…(Read More)