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Ft. Lauderdale Plumbers Are Not All Created Equal If you Google Fort Lauderdale plumbers you will discover that there is no shortage of plumbing companies to choose from. Quantity isn’t an issue but professionalism, integrity, reliability and quality can be. With over 25 years serving the Fort Lauderdale community, Paradise Service Technologies, a leading…(Read More)

If you live in Fort Lauderdale and you have a plumbing emergency or other non-emergency plumbing issue, how do you go about choosing a qualified plumber to help you? Of course referrals from people you know and trust are always a good place to start, but for most people who don’t have that…(Read More)

Paradise Plumbing & Air Conditioning, the leading plumbing and air conditioning service company in Fort Lauderdale, offers up the answers to the most frequently asked drain cleaning questions: Question: What’s the best way to prevent drain clogs in the first place? Answer: Hot water is your friend. Fill your sinks, laundry tubs and bathtubs with…(Read More)

Odds are that every Pompano Beach homeowner is going to need a plumber for drain cleaning at some point in time. Every homeowner has dealt with slow drains and typically those are dealt with using an unclogging commercial solution like Liquid Plumber or the more toxic Draino. But when those chemicals don’t work, resist…(Read More)